Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées are here to provide you with advice and to help you achieve the best value from all your contracts:

Commercial leases, shopping mall leases, sub-letting contracts

Bank loans, business finance, obligatory borrowing

Audits and business acquisitions or transfers: these are just some of the areas of activity we have specialised in since the formation of our practice

Helping businesses in difficulty (special powers of attorney, reconciliation procedures, rescue, administration, liquidation),

internal or external LBOs (agreement procedures, partnerships, etc)

Business evaluations, miscellaneous asset evaluations, property lease option agreements

Service provision contracts,

Sub-contracting agreements

Commercial law

Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées helps its clients throughout the life and development of their companies by providing specific answers to questions such as:

A corporate business form: Yes or No?

If yes, what type? (French SA, SAS, SARL, etc)?

What tax regime? Income tax or Corporate tax?

What social security regime? General employees scheme? Freelance workers scheme?

Shareholders' agreements, etc

Restructuring (mergers, constributions, capital increases and reductions)

Changes of form, changes to tax regimes, etc

Company dissolution and liquidation.

Company law

Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées realised long ago that tax laws are an essential consideration when advising on the law and the decision-making process.

Our fiscal department therefore remains ready to help with all tasks involving tax advice, litigation or optimisation.

Income tax, value-added tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, registration fees, etc: how can one pay less tax without committing tax evasion, etc

A tax lawyer can help you when faced with a tax inspection (prevention, anticipation and preparation) or any fiscal litigation (reappraisals, local government reconciliation boards, government or judiciary tax disputes).

Taxation law permits the use of a number of original and business-related solutions that we can advise you on in order to optimise your personal and business tax burdens.

Tax law

These laws are, historically, at the core of Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées' development. They are also at the centre of our fields of competence.

These laws are, historically, at the core of Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées' development. They are also at the centre of our fields of competence.

Trading law

Two of the Partners in our firm are specialists in this field and can provide you with expert advice.

They will work with you from the time of the property assignation agreement until its transfer.

We can therefore offer you assistance with all that goes before the signing of the agreement with the Notary Public: purchase negotiations (private contracts), long-term leases (construction leases, emphyteutic leases), etc.

Similarly, if you are the assignor, we can help you with land sale agreements or long-term lease agreements.

For town planning matters, our staff can help you with all forms of property projects (building law, local planning schemes, planning permission litigation, compliances, etc).

For commercial property planning matters, we can help you with all your business development plans for a given sales area. We can also help you prevent developments on a competitor's sales area.

Property law

By electing to trust Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées, clients are also able to benefit from the synergy and expertise of the PRAGMA network

This international network was formed in 2000 from the desire of four European legal organisations to combine their resources in the face of the growing needs of businesses arising from the expansion of European and international business.

Currently, Pragma brings together 53 law firms in 23 countries and represents a turnover of more than 100 million Euros.

Pragma differs from many other legal networks in that it has only one law firm, or network of law firms, per country and the members of this network all know one another personally.
This allows us to provide the best possible advice in the fields of European and international law.

Find out more about Pragma, click here.

European & international law

Inheritance management

By working as a network with dedicated specialists, such as Notary Publics and investment management consultants, our staff are able to advise and guide you on how to manage and make the most of your personal and business inheritances, providing you with ingenious and intelligent solutions.

Inheritance management

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