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The activities of Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées are mainly directed towards providing advice to businesses. The preferred approach of Les Juristes Associés Midi-Pyrénées is to minimise risks by implementing an all-encompassing range of ingenious, intelligent and effective solutions.

With our all-round experience, we can provide advice across the full range of business sectors, in France and internationally, with levels of involvement and resources suited to any size of business.

For two decades, we have provided a valued service to those managing the companies that we advise; we work alongside them, for them and with them, to build and formulate the conditions needed for a sustainable and balanced business and/or inheritance policy.

The resolution of complex financial and legal issues involves working very closely with our clients, with whom we become business partners.

For us, the law is a means, not an end...

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Together with the PRAGMA network, to which we belong, we share the following values:

Maintaining a long-lasting, close and listening relationship.

Working as project managers and coordinators to find and apply solutions and then following up on actions.

Proposing appropriate working solutions that free business managers from constraints and thus allow them to concentrate on doing their own jobs.

Combining our skills within an all-embracing and multi-disciplinary vision.

Making best use of our thorough client knowledge the better to prepare for the continual changes in their business environment.

Organising the work of specialists at the highest professional levels, e.g., architects, town planners, solicitors, accountants, auditors, institutional and private investors, marketing and advertising consultants, etc, to provide all-embracing solutions.

Our values

A single
and transparent system

Without exception, we agree on the conditions affecting our fees with our clients at the initial meeting. In the majority of cases, we prefer to apply standard package fees.

This single and transparent system provides for a clear budget assessment even before we start the assignment.

Alternatively, where neither the duration nor the complexity of the assignment are known at this stage, we may agree to invoice the client on a time spent basis (as part of a fee agreement). A time sheet is then made available to the client, detailing all our efforts. Regular client checkpoint meetings are used to track the progress of our assignment and its costs.

Certain cases, however, especially those of a fiscal nature, may be subject to deliverables-based fees over and above our standard package or time-based fees.


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